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Music room of Louis Alary !

Louis sang on stage in Quebec or French Polynesia all these above songs...

Some YouTube ones !

All the different styles and crowds Louis can work with !

Louis Alary - Island In The Sun - Bora Bora 2009

Louis Alary ft. Faith Frisch - September Morn - Bora Bora 2009

Louis Alary - Hey baby - Ste-Adele 2010

Louis Alary - Hot Hot Hot - Ste-Adele 2010

Louis Alary - Ca fait rire les oiseaux - Tahiti 2004

Louis Alary - I'm a believer - Montreal 2009

Louis Alary - Give me one reason - Bora Bora 2009

Louis Alary ft. Bora Bora Yacht Club Band - La Machine A Danser - Bora Bora 2009

Louis Alary - J'ai oublié de vivre - Montreal 2009

Louis Alary - Suavemente - Tahiti 2004

And to enjoy the next Louis Alary video, mp3 and text files, follow this:


Click on the icons or or Then, appreciate them in your speakers!

N.B. About the video sound...
These videos were not professionaly videotaped... but recorded with contribution material !


Bora Bora (Pacifique paradis) < complete ! > < Tahiti 'c'est toujours samedi' REMIX > Louis Alary (6,33 mo)
Bora Bora (Pacifique paradis) - Lyrics Louis Alary (13 ko)
Tahiti (c'est toujours samedi) Louis Alary (2,23 mb)
Tahiti (C'est toujours samedi) < complete ! > Louis Alary (4,17 mo)
Tahiti (C'est toujours samedi) - Lyrics Louis Alary (18 ko)
Hinerava < complete ! > Louis Alary (3,54 mo)
Hinerava - Lyrics Louis Alary (10 ko)
Could you be loved Bob Marley (3,63 mb)
Ça fait rire les oiseaux La Compagnie Créole (3,51 mb)
Suavemente Elvis Crespo (3,49 mb)
We are the champions Queen (451 ko)
Don't let me be misunderstood The Animals (351 ko)
Flip flop and fly Joe Turner (312 ko)
Bamboleo Gypsy Kings (269 ko)
Protest song Richard Séguin (216 ko)
Quand je vois tes yeux Dany Brillant (298 ko)

         Thanks for your visit in my studio, Louis Alary ;o)
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