Some of his story...

Hello! In this cybernetic age, with the help of the internet, Louis Alary would like to present here a part of his journey as a consultant in communication, web designer and singer-animator.

By the age of eight Louis Alary was already writing melodies and words that he sang in my elementary school choir. He also studied classical guitar. From the age of 18 Louis Alary turned to music as a full time career. He has given shows in more than 70 cities in Quebec and elsewhere.

After going back to school Louis Alary picked up new skills that enabled him to better target today's more and more knowledgeable and demanding public by giving stage performances that are natural, energetic and enthusiastic. His aim is to meet and exceed the public's expectations, and thus to remain among the best singers in the province, by offering an unforgettable show.

Over the years Louis Alary has learned how to adapt my performance to different audiences in Quebec, France, and people everywhere. Depending on the audience, he can just be very present on the stage or dance and move like a whirling dervish to liven up your evening!

Louis Alary offers performances at botes chansons, bistros, weddings, private parties, business parties, etc.

You have the choice... Louis Alary is available solo, duet or with a band or using either a digital orchestra with guitar live or with a guitar on stage.

His repertoire is wide enough to please audiences ranging in age from 7 to 77 years. Moreover, he can customize his show for simply listening or wild dancing.

If you are looking for a sure way to make your event a success, don't wait any longer: join him now! Louis Alary can come to you or adapt to your needs...